UKFS Recent Projects

Here are some of the films that have recently been made by our students. You will find more of our students work on our YouTube channel. If you would like to find out more about the various courses, please visit our courses page. To call and talk to us in person please visit the contact page.


This haunting melodrama was made over 5 days by a group of international students.

Paper Cut

An intelligent and accomplished horror film. Made by students from our Summer Film School.

Dead Man’s Boots

An imaginative, ghost story made during the summer holiday by children from the community group Youth Inspired.


A student party has horrific consequences for the guests in this clever drama made by students from our Summer Film School.


To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the arrival of the American GI's on British soil. Kettering Libraries commissioned this intergenerational project. Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.


Do you remember the public information films of the 70’s? This modern take was funded by Wotton Parish Council and created by the Roade Youth Group with the aim of highlighting the dangers of parking on the zigzags outside schools.


When a young boy is bullied at school help comes from an unexpected person. This film was made by a group of Yr 7 and 8 students.


An adaptation of Mary Shelley's classic novel. Filmed in a day by a group of Yr 11 students.